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We seek to empower Northwest Philadelphia's minority and women entrepreneurs and business owners from age "7-70" with competitive fire by equipping them with the necessary tools to start, sustain and expand successful local area businesses. We achieve our mission primarily by providing in-class instruction and networking opportunities. Learn more about our programs and understand why we say we are "building our community one entrepreneur at time." 


Featured Program - Youth Entrepreneurs

A million dollars does not come easy. But as a young person, you have time on your side.  Starting early is critical and knowing what to do is even more critical.  In this camp, youth will:

  • earn money, set a goal and open a bank account;
  • engage in hands-on learning experiences;
  • learn how to save and budget money;
  • create a millionaire savings chart;
  • gain sales and presentation skills; and
  • meet guest speakers and take field trips.
  • write a business plan and learn the meaning of a "Reallionaire;"


  • work in a separate group, on advanced modules covering web page design, analyzing financial statements and marketing strategy, and how to locate seed money.

The Youth Entrepreneurs Summer Program helps youth to get exposed to starting and running a business, writing a business plan and managing your's really cool for young kids. Elijah Brockington, 5th grader, proprietor, Elijah's Lemonade Stand

This program will serve youth, age 7-17, Monday - Friday from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. WE STILL HAVE SPACE AVAILABLE for the week of August 11th through August 15th. This session will be held at The Salvation Army Kroc Center of Philadelphia. Swimming and lunch are included. The fee for the camp is $330 per child, per week. Limited financial aid is available. Please call (215) 247-2473 ext. 3, and speak to Ms. Sana Moore for more details.