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717-782-3840 is a non profit initiative to increase access to computer science learning. This course is recommended everyone. There are programs for youth of all ages, and even youth who are too young for our coding week can begin to understand computer science through this free online resource.


Codecademy is an online school for learning computer programming and computer science. This medium is suited best for older and even adult learners. There is a great free track which gives a broad introduction to computer science and can help jumpstart your coding career. There is a paid track for those learners who progress beyond the basic and intermediate levels, and are considering a career in computer programming. An education through Codecademy is a spectacular opportunity for our youth to get ahead. And there are numerous freelancing jobs available that can be started in high school.

KhanAcademy Careers and Personal Finance

KhanAcademy has a section on entrepreneurship, personal finance, college, and careers. The similarity of this educational format to consuming Youtube or Online TV is perfect for youth of all ages. Some of the other courses on the website are better suited for older learners.

KhanAcademy Computing

KhanAcademy is a great free online school for computing. Users create an account and start learning. Users earn points as a great incentive to continue learning. The Computer Programming course is suitable for younger learners while older teens can look into the computer science course. KhanAcademy can additionally fill in the gaps in any math knowledge which is a prerequisite for the computer science course.